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Phoenix Motorcars is thrilled be to electrifying the first of three ZEUS 400 shuttle buses for Park & Zoom in Austin, Texas.

Park & Zoom is a parking service company with a 2,000 vehicle capacity structure at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The environmentally friendly company services airport passengers to and from the airport.

Aside from transporting passengers, the company has made significant efforts to be GREEN.  Their parking fleet is a combination of low to zero emission shuttles.  With the inclusion of the ZEUS 400 shuttles due to arrive early 2019, passengers will enjoy the safe and speedy travels of ZEUS with zero atmospheric emissions. They have also implemented electric vehicle charging stations for both their fleet and their customers as well.

Park & Zoom’s other GREEN  initiatives include the water quality pond that sits below the parking structure.  The pond collects runoff water that is then pumped through a filtration system and then pumped back into the Colorado River. One carbon foot-print, multiple purposes! 

Expect to see ZEUS 400 shuttle buses at the Austin -Bergstrom International Airport early 2019!