Phoenix Cars LLC d/b/a Phoenix Motors seeks Mechanical Engineer

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or a related field required. 12 months of experience in any job title with duties relating to manufacturing electric vehicles required.

Job duties:

1. Design and release mechanical drawings by SolidWorks CAD system;
2. Correct and improve existing company drawings by SolidWorks CAD system;
3. Develop and manage all BOM, drawings and the configurations;
4. Develop and manage all documentations of the requirements, design and validation report;
5. Develop the best solutions applying mechanical, thermodynamics, material and electrical technologies;
6. Support mechanical drawing development activities including equipment management and maintenance;
7. Release high quality automotive drawings, components and systems
8. Provide analysis and troubleshooting of the customer vehicles in the field and other problem solving; and
9. Provide guidance to the engineering teams, technicians and manufacturing workers.

Salary per year: $73,424

Worksite:  Anaheim, CA
Mail resumes to: Phoenix Cars LLC, 1500 Lakeview Loop, Anaheim, CA 92807