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Phoenix Motorcars, a leader in developing medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles for the commercial markets, today announced that  Procore, a leading provider of cloud-based applications for construction, is taking the next step forward in electrifying transportation for employees on campus by obtaining zero-emission utility shuttle buses from Phoenix Motorcars.

The Carpinteria-based software company has successfully deployed two all electric shuttle buses to transport employees around its campus and into downtown Carpinteria. The deployments highlight Procore’s commitment to sustainable growth and in supporting the local community where they work and live in.  

“Our Carpinteria campus has grown to over 800 employees in the past four years, so that’s a lot of new faces around a small town,” said Scott Moitoza, Senior Director of Real Estate & Facilities, Procore. “Whether traveling around our campus or into town for lunch, Phoenix Motorcars’ zero-emission shuttles allow our employees to engage with our community in an environmentally-friendly way.”

An all-electric zero-emission utility shuttle such as ZEUS provides significant environmental and economic benefits. Procore is expected to reduce atmospheric emissions by ~120 tons of CO2 annually with just these two electric shuttles. The ZEUS shuttle also delivers fuel and maintenance cost savings, reducing fuel costs by 80% and maintenance cost by 50% as compared to a gas shuttle.  

“Phoenix is continuously working on improving the performance of our zero-emission transportation solutions,” says Emad Fakhoury, CEO, Phoenix Motorcars. “We are proud to work with Procore and other businesses who are invested in deploying sustainable transportation.”