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June 5, 2015 in Electric Drive, EVs, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch

Los Angeles Airport’s First Battery Electric Shuttle Bus

Phoenix Cars says it’s provided the first all-electric shuttle bus for operation at LAX, the Los Angeles International Airport.

The Zeus vehicle – for zero emissions utility shuttle – has a single-charge range of about 100 miles and is expected to meet a two-shift day schedule, seven days a week, the company says, making for “an immediate fuel and maintenance savings” while reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60 tons.

The Ford E350/450-chassis bus has a Remy traction motor powered by a 105-kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery pack, says Phoenix sales VP Mike Staran.

‘A Game-Changing Lease’

The operator is 105 Airport Parking.

“We offer a game changing lease, which offers the customer an immediate payback, as well as a guarantee on reliability,” Phoenix president Steven Davis said in the LAX announcement.

The Zeus bus, available via lease or purchase, is California Air Resource Board-approved and eligible for the agency’s HVIP cash incentives of $60,000 to $90,000.

DC fast charging is optional.

Phoenix notes that the vehicle will be shown at the IPI/International Parking Institute Conference and Expo in Las Vegas June 29-July 2.

105 Airport Parking at LAX is managed by Central Parking, a unit of SP+ Parking